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Dr. Pradeep K. Kaundal Principal SCVB Govt. College, Palampur, H.P. India.
Dr. Pradeep K. Kaundal Principal SCVB Govt. College, Palampur, H.P. India.
SCVB Govt. College, Palampur, H.P. India.

Dear Students
The word “Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” from Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad is the motto of SCVB Government college, Palampur. The chant literally means “Lead me from darkness to light”. It is a prayer to overcome the ignorance to attain knowledge. The prayer, if fulfilled, embarks a journey from illusion to reality, from irrational to rational, from fear to fearlessness, from falsehood to truth. This journey initiates a metamorphosis or evolution of self. Education helps us in this quest of knowledge. Education widens the horizon and increases the sphere of understanding. With the understanding of life comes an awareness which coaxes us to make consistent efforts to release ourselves from the illusory, personal, destructive attitudes and opinions. The motto inspires both students and teachers to attain real, true, universal and constructive knowledge in the world. The education helps as Socrates says to “Know the self”. It aids in advancement from the finite, limited world of darkness or ignorance to the infinite, unlimited world of self-knowledge.

Nestled in the splendor of the Dhauladhars, Shaheed Captain Vikram Batra Govt. College came into being in 1995 and since its inception it has been running courses in all the three streams of Humanities, Science and Commerce. To meet the growing demand of Computer/Management professionals at all levels, a self financing three year degree courses in Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Application are being introduced in the college from the session 2010-2011. It is covered by the University Grant Commission (UGC) under 2f and 12B. With professionally competent faculty members, spacious library, extensive campus, well equipped computer lab with Internet Connectivity, Sports facility, a host of extra curricular activities, NSS unit, NCC unit each for Boys and Girls, Rovers and Rangers, we at SCVB Govt. College are committed to work for the overall development of the students by channelizing their energy.

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